☀️ Summer Solstice - Sommersonnenwende 20. - 21. June 2016

July 1, 2016


I decided to put this wonderful speach from my beloved sister Anique on my blog instead of my own words 


 "A blessed Solstice to you all my friends...........it feels auspicious......

Notwithstanding the howling wind and the sadness that many are still feeling over world events,  I feel excited at what may be falling away at this time.  I see all around me...veils are being lifted.....women are finding their power and some their righteous rage.  We will not accept less than we deserve - to live life with ease and grace.

It seems that the Goddess is pushing us all to be COMPLETELY AUTHENTIC....no matter what sacrifices that might entail.  And for many women, that is a huge challenge.

Yet I urge you my sisters, to really take this time to enter your cave of longing, and see what has not worked for you FOR A LONG TIME.  If you look carefully, you will see that at the heart of your longing and all the challenges you have had in claiming your hearts desires is the same ONE thing.  Unravell that riddle and all else will unfold.

I send you warm love on this cold windy day,  and bless you for being ALIVE and willing to be here and now on this beautiful planet.  Blessed Bee!"


Text: Anique Duc thank you 🙏🏻


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